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May the Force Be with You!
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May the Force Be with You!

We had an awesome Star Wars party today for Zach!  Jedi Adam started with a Jedi Obstacle Course that all the kids participated and did great in!  They then did some Jedi Light Saber training and then they got to practice on a special guest: Darth Vader!  The kids were so excited and they all got to try some light saber battling with him.  After that, there was time for pictures with the Jedi & Darth that were printed up to take home with their goody bags.  Star Wars BINGO was another fun game followed by Alien Invasion target practice and finally Pin the Light Saber on YODA.  A yummy Star Wars cake was served up followed by gift opening and cotton candy!  Almost forgot, the really cool Glitter Tattoos for everyone. An exciting, fun party from beginning to end!  Thanks Zach, hope to see you again next year! 
(Last year Zach enjoyed a visit from Batman!)

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